Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spooky Ads by Google

OK, Google ads are getting really spooky. Here I am, reading William F. Buckley's reminiscence and offhand obit of Arthur National Review fer heaven's sake...and what appears beside it in a Google ad?


Vote Andrew KEYES

Oak Ridges-Markham
Time to WIN in Oak Ridges-Markham

Oak Ridges-Markham!? Bill Buckley's never heard of Oak Ridges-Markham. I've barely heard of Oak Ridges-Markham, except that I've fallen off the Oak Ridges moraine and marked time in Markham.

But my point is this: National Review is sooo Murrican. And conservative. But I'm Canajun. And I happen to be ensconced, oh, not too far away from Oak Ridges-Markham. So Larry gets the political ad closest to his oh-so-not-conservative heart. (Andrew Keyes is a member of the Constipated Party...)

Be advised, this post with link included is not an endorsement. And there's not even an election yet! Keyes is only seeking the nomination for the federal riding! He's not even the candidate yet! He's advertising (with Google) for the nomination!

My point: (yes there is a point)(actually two):
  1. Google is zeroing in on us, refining its abilities to pinpoint the location of our innermost secrets, plumbing the vast undercurrents of our political desires, our consumerist fetishes and our emotional vulnerabilities.
  2. Andrew Keyes is definitely overzealous.

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