Monday, March 12, 2007

Frictionless Universe

no ground beneath my feet
no waves to surmount
nor gravity to overcome

relationships no conflict
no me no you
only us together one
you over there
me over here

no rough roads
no east west north south
nor directions updown

May the ground be free of pebbles and smooth as the palm of one's hand, says the prayer

guilt no conscience
no bad no good
only what is undivided
bad on the left
good on the right

no hand-rubbed heat
no bone-chill wet
nor hungry eyes

thought no barrier
no yes no no
just telepathy
swirled parfait
blender perfect

no i like this
no don't like that
nor choices to make

words no meaning
no idiom unturned
but messages received
listen hard
answer soft

let me get my bearings first...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What if you like pebbles and love the feel of the roughness of the ground when you go barefeet over nature's paths ? It's like a foot massage and foot massages are good for you.


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