Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Seals Cycling (Again)(and Again)

Hard to believe it's been a year since I posted about the annual seal hunt. And the picture of McPaulrus Cartnew and whassername? on the ice floe getting illegally close to a seal (which they're not planning to kill...)

Not much has changed since then. For the seals.

Sir McCrustcart Paulney, on the other hand, has had a whole year of divorce-type wrangling with whassername? Whassername? meanwhile has decided to Dance With the Stars cuz her settlement with aforementioned McWalrus doesn't allow her to live in the style to which she became accustomed, for example, jetting off to ice floes in March whenever it felt like March...

(I don't mean to be deliberately disrespectful of whassername? I really can't remember her name.)

(And let us not forget the ironies of an animal rights movement that wants to murder Knut the pampered polar bear but save the seals.) ??? (Not to wish anyone ill, it's not a good thing for Buddhists, but I hope Knut grows up big enough to bite one of them animal rights people on the nose, just to prove he's a real polar bear...)

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