Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gas Prices

There are rumblings of price gouging by the oil companies in the wake of Katrina. The price of gas rose in Lunchbucket by 25 cents per litre overnight. The news tells me that in the US, gas rose by approximately 17 and a half cents per gallon! I'm pretty sure 25 cents per litre works out to a dollar a gallon. Seems like a bit of a discrepancy to me.

New Orleans is Sinking

I have two whole thoughts about Hurricane Katrina and the mess in New Orleans.

1. It's a powerful demonstration of how vulnerable we are in the west, dependent as we are on oil, electricity, all the modern conveniences. It doesn't take long to reduce the most technologically advanced society in the world to a state of chaos.

2. I certainly hope the world responds to this disaster with the same concern and compassion it showed during the tsunami disaster. Just because the US is rich and powerful doesn't mean they don't need and wouldn't appreciate help.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Belated birthdays

Oh dear, Larry forgot to celebrate his birthday, Aug. 7. And Happy-o to Mr. Back Bacon, July 29.

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