Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Song of the Day

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Anonymous said...

Take note. That song was in my head all day yesterday and today. How did you know?


Anonymous said...

How do you do that anyway? I try to do an outline in art. Insert it in word. Cannot type into it. Won't work that way. It's so neat all the things you can do. If you know how to do them. How much time do you spend figuring all that stuff out? Seems to me you must be on that computer forever. Not, ofcourse. But things take me forever to figure out.

wildly puzzled

Anonymous said...

happy valentine
with hearts and flowers
happy valentine
with love

today eat beets or
red cabbage
sip red wine
happy valentine

roses are red
cheeks blush red
blood red peonies
happy valentine

bloody well whatever
have a heart
from end to start
happy valentine

another song for the day;

"All we are saying, is give love a chance.......

wild tulip

Larry Keiler said...

You flatter me, WT. I don't figure out most of that stuff myself. Somebody else does. I've been surfing lots of sites lately and I pick this stuff up, thinking it will come in handy eventually. Then I just figure out how to include it in the blog.

If you look at the bottom right corner you'll see a website listed. That's where this came from. Go check it out, they have lots of different shapes you can use. Just copy the URL (if you can, I'm not sure) or type it into the address bar at the top of your browser and click Go.

I'll be using the notes for song of the day. And it being Valentine's, they're featuring a heart shape.

Help! I've written and I can't get up!