Sunday, February 18, 2007

Maiden Voyage

HWSRN tells me he and the new van (still not definitely named) just completed their first paid run. On a Sunday night. 121 kilometres to Hawgtown and back.

He sez it was smooth sailing all the way.

He sez the 6 cylinder V-Tec responds like a racehorse.

He sez the transmission shifts slick as a whistle.

He sez he can probably come up with clichés all night long. (The first is a metaphor. The second is a simile. The third is a lot of hot air.)

C,mon, I said "simile" not "smiley".

I sez if he keeps it up he'll join me here at the Yoni School. They'll put him in ze coolah, tie him up and give him a clichectomy before he can say "Jack Kerouac".

HWSRN sez the size difference is noticeable. Inside. Wider. Longer. Faster. Further. Size matters. HWSRN is becoming visibly agitated. Time to put him in the cold shower.

HWSRN sez he made enough to cover about half of his first loan payment. Only 103 more to go.

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