Sunday, February 18, 2007

15 Textbook disclaimer stickers

Wording for the first disclaimer is taken verbatim from the sticker designed by the Cobb County School District ("A community with a passion for learning") in Georgia. The other 14 demonstrate the real meaning of a scientific "theory" as well as the true motivations of the School Board members and their creationist supporters....

I discovered this while cruising Digg, which I've only just signed up for, as if I have the time for this. You have to click below to see the article/page.

(This post was sent directly from Digg, which is interesting, because so far they're the only external site that seems to be able to post directly to the blog. (Except for Googledocs, which, of course, doesn't seem to be able to include a title...)

(But then, Digg didn't include my line spacing. I had to come back and edit it.)

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