Saturday, February 17, 2007

Change of the Guard

Out with the old...

...In with the new.

Minnie Van Nice is being sent out pasture after an intense and productive career on the mad highways of southern Ontariario. 670,000 kilometres worth. Even at that, she still runs pretty well, and it was a shame to let her go. But the body just wasn't holding up. Still, HWSRN is sorry that the photo shows her in such a salty and dusty state, because she actually looks pretty good when she's fresh out of the carwash.

The new van has no name. Perhaps you would like to name her/him. It's a 2003 Oddity, with just over 80,000k, which is rather remarkable in itself, if you ask me. Bigger inside, cuz the second row of seats comes right out, unlike Minnie where they just folded up. This bodes more and possibly heavier work. HWSRN thinks the guy who sold it to him (and also sold Minnie to him) thought it was a little too extravagant for courier work...electric side doors, electric everything...but HWSRN insists if he has to live in his vehicle, he wants it comfy.

So there they are, the Road Warriors, the old soldier and the new recruit. Send your suggestions for a name.

BTW, you'll notice the prevalence of snow. Winter arrived late in Lunchbucket, but since it came, we've had just as much as we would have anyway.

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Anonymous said...

My little man Kieran, age seven, Looked at the new car and says it is a girl and he would name her Jen.

Yesterday he named his new white boy,rabbit, popcorn.(there is such a thing as white popcorn.)

Oh, and by the way, Larry, I just showed him the cat's music, he doubled over laughing. His favourite, metal and extacy.


Anonymous said...

sorry, comma got in the wrong place, its a boy rabbit that is white.

Anonymous said...

It could be your "Matilda."


Larry Keiler said...

And is it not a white rabbit that Alice follows down the hole? You'll have to read him some Lewis Carroll.(While eating popcorn...not the rabbit of course...Orville Redenbacher.)

Larry Keiler said...


Anonymous said...

That's what I meant. Matilda was a militairy back pack or carrier bag, right? Too carry things in. So's your new car. Militairy 'cause of the old soldier and the recruit.

Yes, a white rabbit did follow Alice down the hole. I wonder if I can interest Kieran in that story. Be quite a trick to get him away from Pokemon,Beano, or Spiderman...not to forget that little box with millions of different electronic stories and games...

So much snow that I regret I didn't bring my snowshoes from New Brunswick. Shouldn't have sold them.

Help! I've written and I can't get up!