Saturday, February 09, 2008

"Gonna Keep Dancing" Nominated for Juno!

Hey! Here's some Fantastic news! Fabulous news! Wonderful news! Excellent news! Glad Tidings news!

This recording here, which I wrote about last September and which HWSRN played several tracks on a couple years ago, has been nominated for a Juno Award in the Childrens' Music category! (For those of you reading from other countries, the Junos are the Canajun equivalent of the Grammy Awards.

Here's a screenshot of the Juno Awards page taken with one of my latest blogging toys, Fireshot, which is a Firefox extension of Screenshot Studio. Neat little toy, when it doesn't crash your browser (which it has not the last few times I played with it.) Anway...the screen shot:

I'm just so thrilled and happy for both Eddie and HWSRN. The Juno Awards show will air on CTV on April 6/08, so be sure and watch. Meanwhile, you just go back to my posting in September cuz I also posted one of the tunes off the album and you can hear just why it deserved such a prestigious nomination.

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Anonymous said...

Larry, how utterly fantastic! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't play your music tracks. They stotter with big gaps in between on my computer. It's not a music/video friendly computer. Sigh! I guess I have to try to catch the Juno Awards, and put on my dancing shoes.

wild thing

Anonymous said...

What happened to the possibility to use knick name for wild thing?

Anonymous said...

Checking comment process.

Anonymous said...

Checking Open ID

Anonymous said...

check check check

Anonymous said...

Shee, it worked. Thanks Lar'.

I wish people would stop changing things on me. I am a by rode (and I have no clue how to spell that) girl.(Does that sound like I walk around in the red light district?)I even hate it when in the grocery store they put suddenly everything in a different place. I know that's psychology to make you look and see more, and con you into buying more than you planned to, but it is to me a big fat nuicance.
How can you compose a poem in your head when you have to concentrate on where to find your toothpaste?

Anonymous said...

Ha, brain flash! As soon as I closed I saw the words, 'by rote'! Gosh my brain is weird.

Larry Keiler said...

Ha, wild thing,you must know this song somehow: Rote rosen, rote lippen, roter wein....

Larry Keiler said...

You hussy, you....

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy I do. But although I can hear the melody in my head, those are the only words I remember. Is it a song you play at Octoberfest on your 'cordionio? Along with, "Warum ist as am Rhein so schon, (Can't get that umlaut) repeated several times, and then the reason: "Und die Madchen so lustig, und die Burstchen so durstig, Darum ist es am Rhein so schon, am Rhein so schon."

From "Wein, Weib, und gesang." (Not really, but it sounds good.)

Anonymous said...

So, Larry, do I understand it right that you are part of the music accompaniment on this album? Accordion? Did you help arranging it?

Anonymous said...

Wild Thing, Larry is not part of anything. Larry is a figment. A fragment. A pigment.

I should not say Larry is not part of anything. He is a part of the collective delusion known as Mental Blog. However, he was not part of the musical accompaniment on this album. (Larry is tone deaf. You must know that from the way he writes...)

I. Me. Myself. HWSRN was the one who played that heart-rending accordionoony.

In the near future, I shall prevail upon Larry to upload a song that I played a few years back with Nonie Crete. It has marvellous ethereal accordion on it, thanks to the efforts of the recording engineer.

Larry Keiler said...

Wild Thing, when you want to get "o" with an umlaut, you press the "Alt" key and hold it while typing the numbers 0246.


"u" with an umlaut is Alt-0252.


And "a" with an umlaut is Alt-0228.


Anonymous said...

I try alt 0246. Plays me a melody of sorts, like, ping, ping, ping. No umlaut.

HWSRN, on the album cover you are the elephantiony? The grey creature with the trunk and the 'cordioniony? Besides the drummong dog, and the dancing 'cat and the fiddle', I mean guitar, and the singing duck, and so? Cool!

Where to go to buy that album, and how much?

Anonymous said...

Wild Thing, don't know how much the album is. If you go to:
Fat Flea Music you can find ordering info and also contact info. You could maybe email Eddie and find out if it's in a store in town.

Yes, I, HWSRN, am the grey guy, that's the Armadillo!

As for the Alt business, I don't know. That's a standard keyboard shortcut. It should work. Are you holding the Alt key while you type?

Alternatively, you go into Start>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map and find the one you're looking for, but that's pretty complicated and time-consuming.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am holding the key. tsnot happening. The nifty things in life are passing me by. Sigh. That rhymes, so it is true. Someone in my life insisted that that is so. Truth rhymes?

OK armadillo. I wasn't sure about elephant. But since it is grey, and has a sort of a trunk... But the ears didn't seem big enough. I like armadillo better. I did think of an ant eater, but then I thought, "no". The things one can puzzle about! I think that was more the right continent though. I couldn't figure out the violin player. Bullwinkelies like.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wild thing missed the Juno Awards.
Did "Gonna Keep Dancing" get any reward or honourable mention?

Yellow Blade said...

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