Saturday, February 02, 2008

OMG, The Mellotron Demo Video!

This video blew me away. These two British geezers were instrumental in the development and marketing of the Mellotron? Unbelievable!

This was the instrument (or one of them, at least) that revolutionized the sound of music in the 70s. The Beatles used one. Moody Blues built their sound around one. Rick Wakeman & Yes. Strawbs. Pink Floyd. The list is endless. I mean, even Bob Seger used one!

And it was these two guys?

On the other the video. I don't believe I ever heard anyone use a Mellotron the way these two guys envisioned it. I never knew Mellotrons had separate rhythm sections and one-finger accompaniment. In those days, that must have been completely unheard of. Or maybe not...I remember seeing and hearing a Lowry organ, one of those big home console models that did the automatic rhythm accompaniment thing in the mid-70s.

But those two geezers?

Now that I think about it...maybe there's still hope...for all us geezers...

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