Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gonna Keep Dancing

Sophisticated Songs
for Sophisticated Kids

HWSRN received a pleasant surprise in the mail the other day. The CD that you see here on the left. It was a pleasant surprise because it's the final result of some recording that HWSRN did more than two years ago now and which I posted about here. (I couldn't believe it was that long ago when I looked it up...)

The artist's name is Eddie Douglas, a children's performer, and these are songs for kids. But they're not run of the mill singalong nursery rhyme-type songs. Some of them have a catchy enough hook, but some of them must be listened to. They're all singable, but not simple-minded. Sophisticated is what they are.

So HWSRN is feeling sophisticated himself, playing on such a recording. You can see him on the cover there, the suave armadillo in the ten gallon hat pawing the squeezebox.

Eddie collaborated with some great lyricists for this recording, including that great Canadian icon of children's books, Robert Munsch. And every song presents a different style of music, a different mood.

Here's a clip of the opening track in its entirety. It's called Armadillo Stomp. If you want to hear more or order a CD, visit Eddie's website, Fat Flea Music.

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Good stuff! Amardillo stomp

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