Friday, February 29, 2008

Was Wiarton Willie Right?

As I stare out the velvet bars of my window here at the Yoni School for Wayward Poets, it is snowing...AGAIN! Mothercorp tells me it's the result of La Niña, the nasty sister of El Niño.


But get this. A few weeks ago, I was also staring out through the slats, and what did I see? This:

I don't ever recall seeing a cardinal in the snow, or hearing one on the first day of February. I've also heard mourning doves and a chickadee. On the more temperate days.

It's hard to believe now when it's snowing yet again. But maybe Wiarton Willie was right and we'll get an early spring.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Larry, I thought cardinals were winter birds... I'm digging that up somewhere from my memory for grade school teaching....

Nice photos...

I bought myself a new camera yesterday. Part of me hated doing that - the environment and all - what to do with my old camera? But the staff at Blacks told me the thing was indeed actually broken -

My old camera was weather-resistant (sheesh, wouldn't you like to be THAT outside these days in the cold?). This newer version is water-resistant... it can be dropped in the Grand River when I'm out paddling... and still recover --

If I'm so inclined, I can even take photos underwater...lololol. When I'm hanging upside down in my kayak?

Larry Keiler said...

For me, the cardinal has always been the harbinger of spring, even more than the robin. You may be right, but I never heard that. Maybe we went to different schools...

I share my camera with HWSRN. He bought it in Edmonton last fall. Our previous SLR was like yours. Broken. For no apparent reason. And because it was an off brand, sort of... Yashica...there were no parts, no nuthin. A shame too, because we had some very good lenses for it and took some good photos in our day.

It's been a long time since I had a camera, and I realized how much I missed it when HWSRN came home with this digital, a Canon. It's not fancy, but it has all the usual bells and whistles, and a pretty good zoom on it, which helped with the cardinal. It's no SLR, but it will do for now...since I still don't even know how to use the functions it does have. It's not water-resistant though! (As far as I know.)

And yes, well, um, I do have this vision of you hanging upside down in the Rio Pequeño March?

PS. Suzy Homemaker helped me with the Spanish werd: pequeño. Little.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Bacon and I were out walking a trail at the end of Ottawa Street along the Grand River on Sunday. That was pre-new camera. We had the old camera with us - so many shots we tried to take... but of course the camera was broken! Lamenting all that, we came home.... and to my amusement and dismay, I realised with a smack to my head that I had a camera with me the whole time. My phone in my pocket. How old school of me not to have thought of that....

Speaking of cardinals and ground hogs called Willlie, and snow and winter, the back porch/deck roof caved in yesterday from the weight of melting things.... what a mess!

Help! I've written and I can't get up!