Friday, January 27, 2006

Chinese New Year

Rough Translation: Gung Ho Fat Boy


Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year back to you, Larry. Hey, I've got a bit of reading to do to catch up, huh?

Larry Keiler said...

I missed you.

Anonymous said...

X or dovetaler said in the dovetaler's blog that she was not allowed into mental blog, yesterday. I wrote a comment. I could not get in either. Same thing, "not authorized to see this page." I did that last night. When I checked it was published. When I looked this morning, it was gone. I rewrote it. It was published. I checked again, it was gone. ??????
It's a mystery to me. But hey, today, i was not blocked from going to your mental blog. As you can see.

Anonymous said...

Well, we're a little party again! Bloggers is up and running. Perhaps it was some maintenance thing being done at the BlogSpot.

Bob says it was China - ok, you'll have to ask him about that -

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,
I too am behind on the reading. You were even knocked off my Favorites list. Don't know if this was because of Blog site problems or because Darryl installed a new hard drive. Anyways glad to be back. I especially enjoyed Election results Pt6 and Pt7. You are right on the money and gave me a few chuckles.

Yellow Blade said...

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