Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Messiah Has Landed!

Picked up Messiah a couple days ago. Haven't watched it yet. Too busy with Lord of the Rings.

Guess what? It was cheaper than that bum Mozart's mangled Messiah!

With the extra I bought a sort of ambient jazz tango CD by Gotan Project. Because it has accordion in it.


laytons loss said...

ah Larry, an accordian! Do you play along with it? I like tangos. Not so sure about jazz.

DT said...

Very funny! - Wild Thing, Twiggy, Blogger Tree, and now Layton's Loss... a psychotherapist would have a field day!

So you're a tango woman - intrigue, tension, all of that is in the tango... mmmm....

I played the accordion when I was a little girl.

Larry Keiler said...

Arlene! Arlene! You're surrounded by accordionuts.

laytons loss said...

Who's Arlene?

One of my favourite uncles, my Mother's youngest brother, played accordion. This little listening accordionut was enchanted. I did my best on the piano, taught by my Father. I was slow, playful, and with my older sister having allready worn out his patience, and war and circumstances, I didn't make it to stardom. So I sing, out of tune when I am home alone.

laytons loss said...

Larry Keiler, did you read what Lucifer made me think of? By the way, Im not sure I already mentioned that; Matches in Holland are called lucifers.

Larry Keiler said...

For some reason, the service that informs me of new comments on the blog was inactive for a while, so I missed comments that were posted a while ago and on older posts.

Grendel is a name known to me, but not familiar. Maybe I know it because I've seen the John Gardner book, or maybe it's something out of Wagner, I don't know.

Same thing can be said about Anne Rice, who wrote the vampire books. I haven't read them but I heard an interview on CBC a while back when her new book on Christ came out. Her intention in the vampire books was to make people understand the eternal struggle between "good" and "evil" which really goes on within us all the time.

Larry Keiler said...

Arlene! You know Arlene! Worked for publishers. Now doing, I forget what. CAA member Arlene! Hates accordions.

laytons loss said...

Oh, that Arlene! Couldn't match her with accordions. No wonder! You may have seen the book on Grendel at my place. I probably showed you. It is missing among my books. So I can't check up on the story, nor offer you to borrow it if you were interested.

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