Monday, February 06, 2006

Tweedle-dum & Tweedle-dummer

If we ever needed further proof that Canada's "vote for change" was nothing more than a phony choice, that our political system has entered the Looking Glass, and that we've been scammed again, just look at today's cabinet appointments.

David Emerson -- two weeks ago he won election in Vancouver as a Liberal. (The Conservative Party ran third in his riding.) He was a Liberal cabinet minister! Today, he's a Conservative cabinet minister! Clearly no political principles are involved here.

Meanwhile, the two (apparently) leading candidates for the Liberal leadership, now that the prime contenders have bailed out, are Scott Brison and Belinda Stronach. Both former members of the Conservative Party!

How can anyone say that Canadians were offered a real choice? At least as far as the two main parties are concerned, the players are demonstrably interchangeable. As for Canadians' concept of what constitutes's quite limited too, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Well,well,well! Politics certainly does make strange bed fellows!

Anonymous said...

I don't know I went Green. Would they be any better? Not sure but I liked their policies. Another factor was that my candidate was a a yoga instructor. I figure a Yoga instructor would be a good addition amongst lawyers and businessmen.

I was hoping for at least one green candidate to be elected. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Colour me Green.

Would they be any better? Couldn't be worse.

Anonymous said...

Green Party!!! It's a choice

Larry Keiler said...

And David Emerson at his press conference had the nerve to say if the Liberals had won, he would have stayed with other words it doesn't matter what party he belongs to, as long as they're the winners.

We must all have been on the same wavelength. Larry voted green too, not necessarily because he likes all of their policies, but because they are the only ones with the imagination to think outside the box. BTW, did you know that the leader of the Greens is a former Conservative?

Anonymous said...

I voted Red...

Green & red - sounds like Christmas.

Larry Keiler said...

LOL. But it's not that funny. I HAVE voted red in the past...?????????? For lack of a better choice.

Voting red and green. Christmas. Like the government is a gift!

Anonymous said...

It's not that easy bein' green
Having to spend each day the colour of the leaves,
When I think it might be easier being red, or yellow, or gold
Or something much more colourful like that

It's not easy bein' green
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things
And people tend to pass you over,
'cause you're not standing out like flashy sparkles on the water,
or stars in the sky

But green is the colour of spring
And green can be cool and friendly like
And green can be big like an ocean
Or important like a mountain
Or tall like a tree

When green is all there is to be,
It could make you wonder why.
But why wonder, why wonder?
I am green, and it'll do fine
And I think it's what I want to be.

Help! I've written and I can't get up!