Sunday, January 08, 2006

Two Pomes

He-who-shall-remain-nameless has asked me, none too gently, to post these pomes, which he wrote…I didn’t write them, they’re not my pomes, they’re his but they’re OK I guess.

Anyway, they came out of the potery afternoons at Netty’s, aka wild thing, aka Layton’s Loss…quite some few years ago now. It’s the least I can do, I guess, post the pomes, since it was He-who-shall-remain-nameless that published my first pome in the WaterWell.


Two Pomes.

Straight Lines #1

Walk a straight line and the world
will come around.
Refuse to move and the world
will turn you upside down.
Standing still is not an option
in this whirling milky way.
The surface moves and slides,
position changes any way.
But find the still centre,
the point that is true.
Go where your heart leads
and the line moves with you

The Word

From a single word spoken
volumes grow.

In the beginning was the Word
and the Word became Flesh,
the flesh turned to stone
and stone to iron
iron to silicon
silicon to thought
And the thought of the Word
was creation itself.

And the Word became Flesh,
the flesh turned to family
and family to friends
friends to nation
nation to world
And the world of man
was the height of creation.

The Word became Flesh,
the flesh turned to father
and father to son
son to daughter
daughter to wife
And the Word of the wife
was the mother of creation.

The Word became Flesh,
the flesh turned to oil
and oil to fire
fire to greed
greed to war
And the war of the Word
was creation’s scourge.

The Word became Flesh,
the flesh turned to envy
and envy to desire
desire to lust
lust to rape
And the rape of the Word
was the shame of creation.

But the Word became Flesh,
the flesh turned to hope
and hope to faith
faith to love
love to peace
And the word of peace
was creation’s gift.


Anonymous said...

I found you. Don't know password.
Mental Blog? Going to try.

Anonymous said...

Ha, that worked! Clever me. I'm so proud at myself when I figure things out.

Gosh Keiler, Kreller wrote good poems. You should be proud to be associated with that guy! wild thing, previously netty, stands in your shadow with her try. Was sort of challenging though to try to work in all the sentences. Not much room to be profound and make sense too. LOL

OK, outside those days I'll give you one of my mini poems, one I like myself:

in the moment



Well it looks like my chosen spacing won't take. But words are the same.

Anonymous said...

THE WORD. WOW! (Words of Wisdom)


Anonymous said...

Hey there wild thing - so you found Larry's home away from home...

WT, do you know how to make a page a favourite? That would be the easiest way to check out Mental Blog, and our Dove Tale blog site.... then you're only one click away when you want to check blog entries for updates...

Anonymous said...

Ha, it never clicked that I am WT. Tought you were talking to someone else. No, I do not know how to make a page a favourite. If that's a time safer, I am open to the lesson.

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