Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yoni School (US) Election Watch Pt. 1

Larry Keiler Endorses Al Gore for President in '08!

Go here to read Al Gore's constitutional speech on Martin Luther King Day.

And go here to sign a petition requesting Al Gore to enter the race. (Don't know if Canadians are allowed to sign. I just thought it was interesting.)

Gore's MLK day speech is extremely thoughtful, insightful. He downright blasts the Bush administration for its handling of secret information gathering and the nasty implications for the health of the US constitution.

I think Gore's hiatus from elected position has been a blessing for him. It's given him time to reflect on larger, more historical themes, rather than allowing himself to be caught up in the day-to-day hurly-burly of partisan politics. Not that he's not partisan. But he's able to show himself as a thoughtful, intellectual analyst of the state of the union.

Remember: Vote Early and Vote Often!

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