Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yoni School Election Watch Pt. 7

I heard a commentator on the radio today, a writer for the Mop & Pail I think, who said something I pretty much agree with. Canadians, in their roundabout collective way, managed to elect exactly the government they wanted.

Why? How?

They voted for change, but gave the Constipators a weak minority so that they wouldn't get big heads too fast.

They punished the Gliberals for woolly-headedness and corruption, but signalled the possibility of redemption sometime in the future. Also to keep a reasonable check on those dangerous Constipators...

They rewarded the National Deficit Party with more seats for running a good solid campaign and at least attempting to make the last Parliament do some work.

They chastised the Floc Quebecois (a little) by embracing another Federalist option, thereby reducing the likelihood of another referendum on Quebec separation.

Not only that, but the results mean that no one will be eager for an election very soon. Stephen Harpie wants time to consolidate his support and build more so he can get a majority. With the resignation of Paul Martinette, the Gliberals will not be prepared for an election for some time. Jack Layoff doesn't want to risk his gains too soon. And Gilles Deceit wants time to assess this new Federalist threat.

Still, I wish the Greens had won a seat. But, as Kermit well knows, it's tough being green.

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