Friday, March 13, 2009

Update on New Look Mental Blog

Suzy Homemaker said, "No no I don't like it that way why do you have to do it that way I liked it the other way better because you know we read from left to right so when we read we want to start at the left and go to the right but this way we have to start in the middle and go to the right and then back to the left and the left gets in the way because we need to start in the middle I liked it better the other way."

After a few moments reflection I agreed with her. I didn't like the sidebar on the left. I liked it better the other way, on the right. However, I did prefer the sans-serif font, if only for a change, and decided to make a contrast between the "page" and the sidebar. I think I'll leave it this way for now.

If you didn't see it the way it changed last night, too bad. It's gone. Well, not gone, I saved it, but I doubt I'll be bringing it back.

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Anonymous said...

So one key command caused all this flux to your blog????? LOL! Okay, I shouldn't laugh. I know how frustrating itis to lose something online. I had this absolutely wonderful photo of Bob and Farley in the canoe... my fav photo of both of them. Now Farley the Dog is dead, and I can't find that photo anywhere... even though it was stored online in several places, including the DT website. It disappeared. Kaput! As if Farley the Dog took it with him....

Anonymous said...

There is something to say for a paper trail, right? Ah, it may come out of the black hole yet. Computers are beyond understanding. Tried the recycle box? At least the most important part of Farley lives in your heart.

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