Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Momentary Lapse of Lucidity

let me go crash! brash!
let me stash, gnash teeth
by the seasaw in nash rambler
fifty years gone long lawn long lost
on its broken back bacon scrambler egg cup

let me
thrash flash bulbous ectotherms
obscurity terms papers blown in the windpipe
swipe the rambler gamble the gypsy moth
frothyface moon dabbler scrabble pumpkin
peter eater
that's a triple word score!

let me plash in the kiddie pool
fool i be, fool i wool over your woolfish eyes
and doughy thighs squeezed nightly in the spandex
change the stockings change
the standard poor excuse for
vile robbery tile mockery style foppery

let me
plum the deepends, the jam of forefathers
two mothers three sisters ten brothers
brooks and done like dinners diners clubs and diamonds
give me lets give me baseballs and baseboards
for last trains to gnashville
i'll meet you at the station where
that cross we'll bear
skin to skin
in the evening of our ascension

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Larry you were not kidding saying you were going to write a lot. LOL

Let me answer with a poem of spring even though we are not quite there yet. Maybe seeing it is my moment of lucidity..


feast of flowers
forest floor
celebrating spring

trout lilies - sun splashed
trilliums - white and red
violets - bluer than sky

old fallen growths
hosting new life
bursts of joyful energy

light green - dark green
gray green - pale green
yellow green -shiny green

water singing
sundering forest floor
under sky laced canopy

whispering - tinkling
melodious - thunderous
murmering - laughing

outrageous spring celebration

Help! I've written and I can't get up!