Monday, March 02, 2009

Law-Bound in Ontariario

There have been a string of shootings and assaults in the public transit system of Hawgtown in the last while. So now, one of our elected misrepresentatives has decided to introduce a private members' bill to increase the penalties for transit crimes.

As if we need a special category for transit crimes. Seems to me a shooting is a shooting whether it takes place on a bus or in a bank.

And it points out to me that we are gradually becoming law-bound in this good old province of Ontariario. They've decided to pass a law about nearly everything. I think that's called an omnibus bill. In the case of this private member's bill it's an omnibus-streetcar-subway bill.

I know a lot of people talk about the so-called "nanny" state. It occurs to me that it's more insidious than that. It's degenerating into a kind of micro-management where the focus and purpose of a law becomes increasingly narrow, and law and justice become more and more fragmented. By implication, of course, so does liberty.

(PS. I'm not saying this because I'm stuck here in this here Yoni School for Wayward Poets merely because of my grammatical fanatical and spelling rebelling. But you could use that as an example of some people deciding that things which in no way really affect them are "wrong" and need to be punished. And that's why you need to pay to attention to the people you elect to public office. Who needs yet another officious busybody telling you what you can and cannot do?)

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Anonymous said...

Well, I tell you, I bet people take a better look at who is sitting NEXT to them when they take a seat on a Greyhound Bus. It's a matter of keeping your head on straight.

Re: laws and politicians. It's the need people have to justify themselves, huh? The more I say, the more I impose, the more I do.... then I MUST be working hard. That's the proof of it.

Less is better.

How about all those politicians twittering when Obama was giving a speech? Sometimes politicians (and all of us) should just sit still and listen...

Help! I've written and I can't get up!