Sunday, March 01, 2009

Larry Sends Link Love

Introduction to Buddhism

Alex Berzin's website is a goldmine of information for Buddhist study, from beginner to advanced. Audio recordings, transcripts, excerpts from some of his published material. There is a wealth of material on both sutra and tantra practice, especially on Kalachakra practice. A word of warning though for those of you who have already done some reading on Tibetan Buddhism...Berzin sometimes uses words which differ from the most common translations. The example which comes to mind immediately is his translation of "refuge" as "safe direction".

Check out the site. You'll be amazed and impressed.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, you're back!!!! I thought maybe Larry had realized Nirvana, and was no longer one of us who has been re-born...

Larry Keiler said...

I'm going to attempt one post per day for the next month to make up for my delinquency.

I make no representations as to quality or relevance...

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