Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Update on New Look Mental Blog

As you can see, I've changed the header photo, and the description of Mental Blog. An anonymous view...

I couldn't get it to stretch all the way over to the sidebar. I expect there's something in the code that creates a boundary or buffer. Don't know what that might be. Maybe some day when I'm not overcome with angst at the impending doom of the universe, I'll dig into the html and see if I can find the boundary of the Mental Blog galaxy.

The image on the right is the moon, of course. I don't know enough astronomy to tell you if it's waxing or waning. Anyway, it's the moon. A Lunar View of Larry's Head. Larry's Head is this Lunar Landscape. A sliver of light against a dark background. Or perhaps a dark mass with only the barest illumination peeking thru.

On the other hand, when you look at it quickly, it appears to be an Oreo cookie.

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Anonymous said...

Or a giant smiley face.

I don't know if I told you, Larry, that I recently bought an iPod touch. That's led me to the virtual world of downloadable apps. What fun! (Really!) One of the apps gives me the moon in all its phases... currently, and past and future. So I learned I was born on the night of a full moon... add that to the "X" lore... I was also born with a cowl (sp?) over my face, according to my mother.

Anyway, the app gives me all kinds of moon trivia, including the celtic names of the moon, the wiccan names, etc. etc., even a werewolf warning...

Today I downloaded Google Earth.

Last night I discovered a whole bunch of podcasts - Buddhist as well as pagan, and then a lovely series from the Ibn Arabi Society.

Waxing or waning? I'm not sure. Now if we're talking metaphorically... and personally... I suppose now that I've added another year to my life, I'm waning.

Anonymous said...

I am sort of repeating myself. I've told many people how to determine whether it is waxing or waning moon. Learned it from a for the rest useless French teacher in school. But this picture confuses me. I do never see the moon lying on its back like that. So my theory only works when the sliver is up right. (Maybe there is a third side to the story?)

When you draw a line from point to point along the open side of the moon, and it makes the letter p that means premier, so first moon, waxing. When you draw the line and it makes the letter d it means dernier, so last moon, waning.

I feel like being from the old school and X experiencing the virtual school, speaking a new language. She's sure special being born on the night of the full moon with a cowl over her face. No wonder she's magic and a very different kind of poet.

Anonymous said...

Well Wild Thing, next time we go to Timmy's I'll take my iPod with me... and we'll check out the full moon... and YOUR birthdate.

Anonymous said...

It's a date!

Help! I've written and I can't get up!