Monday, January 01, 2007


Pope Gregory says it's a new year. Happy.

Larry makes revolutions.

Sorry. Resolutions.

Larry resolves to:
1. Figure out how to allow w.t. to post comments as w.t. stead of Anonymous and...
failing that;
2. Find a way to make the date stamp for this blog always read MMVII,
and if that's not possible...
3. Achieve full enlightenment or...
at least;
4. Find out who the hell Yoni is and...
5. Tidy up his (Larry's, not Yoni's) cell so when the hall monitor comes for inspection she doesn't trip over the vowels collecting dust bunnies under the bed.

And Larry wishes that everyone will accomplish their sublime goals and not hurt nobody nomore nohow.


Anonymous said...

Happy MMVII, Larry.

Wild thing not do resolutions. (Or is that lutorasions?) Wants to minimize factors of failure. Wild Thing just do what she do, do, do, like the Rum Tum Tugger Cat.

Wild Thing has been wondering if the change of the dovetale pages may have to do with how comments became too dangerous to pass on? Did the dove tale blogger comments box always have this google/blogger account thing on it?

Don't sweep up and throw out your vowels, Larry! dustbunnies are harmless. Unless your hall monitor is a pixy, how can she trip under the bed?

Larry Keiler said...

See, this is why even wayward potes need an editor. Never occurred to me how short you'd have to be to trip under the bed.

In the case of my bed, extremely short cuz it's a waterbed. Part of my escape plan. At some point I'll simply float away from the Yoni School.

Anonymous said...

Ships that pass in the night.


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