Sunday, January 28, 2007

Google: Everything That's Safe to Print?

I offer this little tidbit of content from Slashdot: Politics for Nerds (which probably describes me to a Tea)(shall we have Tea?)(lemon or milk?)(one sugar or two?)(oh, do have a crumpet my dear while we watch the whirring satellites and wonder will the sky fall up on us)

Google Blurring Sensitive Map Information

Posted by kdawson on Sunday January 28, @04:27PM
from the blurring-the-nukes dept.

Cyphoid writes "While viewing my school (the University of Massachusetts Lowell) with Google Maps, I noticed that a select portion of the campus was pixelated: the operational nuclear research facility on campus. Curious, I attempted to view the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It too was pixelated. What or who is compelling Google to smudge out these images selectively? Will all satellite images of facilities that the government deems 'sensitive' soon be subject to censoring?" Not surprisingly, the same areas are blurred in Google Earth. But how about images from satellites operated by other nations, such as SPOT or Sovinformsputnik?

Just so you know, I browsed thru some of the comments on this piece, and most seem to say that Google is not responsible for this blurring. So there.


Anonymous said...

What's pixelated? 'snot in my Oxford.


Larry Keiler said...

I don't know the technical meaning of "pixelated", but it means that the image is blurred, like you see on TV sometimes when someone is remaining anonymous, they pixelate the face so you can't really see it.

Anonymous said...

so when i am in a fuzzy mood
not much with the world as is
one could say my
brain is pixelated

pixelated pixelated
my brain is pixelated
pixelated pixelated
my brain's a blurr

and when i wander in the no where
don't recognise my planet's face
one could say that
this planet is pixelated

pixelated pixelated
my planet is pixelated
pixelated pixelated
my planet is a blurr

then say if my face too could be
a blurr to every one who looks
there would be no clue that
i lost a precious front tooth

pixelated pixelated
let my face be pixelated
pixelated pixelated
let the witch's face be blurred


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