Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mental Health Hotline

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Click on the title. I think it requires QuickTime. But maybe not. Or you can download it as an MP3. Or just forget about it. Who has time for this crap anyway?


Larry Keiler said...

Larry chooses "Other"

w.t. said...

Larry chooses "Other" on another computer and uses w.t.'s name.

Anonymous said...

Larry chooses Anonymous on another computer.

Anonymous said...

ha, ha, anyone reading this not knowing what it is about, will think these characters belong in the nut house.


Anonymous said...

listened to the Mental Health Hotline. It didn't tell me what number to press when you're wild beyond reason.


Anonymous said...

Maybe 13?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, 13 ia the bad luck number. It must be 11 which is the crazy number.

sophia said...

you can choose any number. There is nothing wrong to shoose numbers what we think. Also the idea varies from person to person.

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