Thursday, December 14, 2006

Switching the Blog

I see, suddenly, that changes are in the wind for Blogger. Whether we like it or not. No idea if the look of the blog is going to stay the same or what. That's what happens when you take advantage of free stuff, eh? You don't really have any control over it.


Anonymous said...

What changes? Do you mean day-to-day operating stuff, or greater world Blogger vs. China and privacy stuff?

Larry Keiler said...

I mean my Dashboard/Edit page is telling me there's a new Blogger beta, tied in with Google accounts & do I want to switch to the new format? The help page says I don't have to...right now...but in a couple of months there won't be any choice.

X, you'll have to get a Google account, if you don't already have one, cuz that will be the new sign-in procedure. But that's OK, I think. You'll have a Gmail account to go with it, I think.

This is all from reading quickly. The features of the beta model are similar to other blog formats I've seen, with tags, RSS feeds, etc. I have no idea how all that crap works. I liked this format cuz it was pretty simple.

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