Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bloody Computers!

Through some incomprehensible black box type event, Suzy Homemaker lost all of her Bookmarks. Gone. Nowhere to be found. At least not by her. Nor me. This is a real drag. I know, cuz I know how I felt when I thought all my Bookmarks were gone after I got the computer fixed.

There oughtta be a law!

Of course, it is imperative that Suzy have Mental Blog properly bookmarked. Just for fun I Googled it. No luck. In order to find it, I had to use vajrasattva1 which is part of the URL. Googling that turned up maybe 30 entries. Amazing how stuff circulates on the net, eh?

One of the entries was this: a website out of University of Hawgtown called BlogScope. It led to my posting about Elvis Costello in Oct./06. That blows me away.

And then, by the way, I found this link as well: SproutWorks which has a bunch of stuff, including a Blog directory where, again, I found Mental Blog.

All this took time. Bloody computers! Time-wasters.

Ladies & Gentlemen! Presenting the World Wide Web Time-Sucking Vacuum! Guaranteed for Life!

I bookmarked Mental Blog for Suzy.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, Larry, you reminded me of Kurt Vonnegut in that entry - Kurt, though, is quite the curmudgeon...

Yeah, it is kinda cool how computers are so Gaia-like - things interconnected and intertwined. Well, the internet anyway... which is spawned from computers...

Anyway, it is neat how your blog entries appeared in other places so unexpected... and people you don't know are reading your words...

Larry Keiler said...

Today, or rather yesterday, Christmas Day, Suzy's son, a dab hand wid computors, came & found all her bookmarks. A lucky thing for Suzy Homemaker, cuz when you've lost your bookmark, how can you find your place? She was going around bending the corners of everything. The furniture is now well-thumbed.

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