Friday, December 02, 2005

Archie & Jughead

One of the comic books I liked to read as a kid was the Archie series. Yeah. Archie. Jughead. The two girls...what were their names? One blonde and buxom, the other slim with black hair. Can't remember the blonde's name...was it Betty? But I remember the other one...Veronica. Cuz I had the hots for Veronica...

Anyway, was her last name Gray? Veronica Gray? Did she have a last name? Did any of em?

The reason I ask is because now, when I have a delivery to make, I see this woman who works as a receptionist for an engineering and consulting firm in Gwulph. Name of Veronica Gray. And she looks, to me, exactly as Veronica would look if she were, say, twenty years older. I haven't mentioned this yet, but maybe some day, if the appropriate moment arises. I wonder if anyone else has ever pointed this out to her.

Also, I wonder if anyone else has met comic book characters in real life?

I don't mean running into Mickey at Disneyland.


Anonymous said...

So, Larry, do you have the hots for Veronica Gray now???? The Gwulph version????

Poor Betty. Everybody (the men) liked rich beautiful devious Veronica, although everyone would agree that Betty was the much nicer of the two.

Veronica had a last name but I can't remember if it were Gray or not... her father was a tycoon of some sort.

Have I run into a comic book character? Mmmm, I'll keep a watch out... see if there's a "Batman" or "Spidey" in my life... or even a "Casper the Friendly Ghost."

Larry Keiler said...

You remember more about the damn Archie stuff than I do! Completely forgot Veronica was rich. But come on...Betty was a blonde...too pale...and that wavy hair...but yes, now that you mention it, Betty was nicer. Men...they always go for the thorny rose, eh?

No, I can't say I have the hots. That would be too strong an emotion. I think she's attractive, but then...I'm calling all this up from a comic book 40 years ago. Now there's a solid foundation, eh? (Come on, Ronnie, that's not what you did in the comics...! Why can't you be more like you were then?)

(Did I write that out loud?)

Larry Keiler said...

Besides. I'm probably Jughead, not Archie.

Larry Keiler said...

Sorry, I should have put this all in one comment.

I have a friend who is/was so taken with Spiderman that he had a Spiderman costume (which he wore) well into his twenties. This manifested most strongly when he was in his cups. At which point he would stretch out his wrists and spray imaginary webbing at everyone while climbing on the furniture.

Anonymous said...

Better Jughead than Reggie...

Wow, and I thought MY friends were out of the ordinary (I was going to say strange, but then, I didn't want to offend you or my other friends, friend! But you know what they say, it takes one to know one....).

Anonymous said...

Actually looking back, I think Spiderman was quite cool! Not many people can walk in puplic (or stand on stage for that matter) wearing tight longJohns. also I think Mary Jane was alot more comforing than Veronica.

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