Thursday, December 15, 2005

Notes on Emptiness #9

The question to be answered is this: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The chicken cannot come first, for this would mean there was a result without a cause.

The egg cannot come first, for this would mean there was a cause without a result.

They cannot be simultaneous, for this would mean there was no connection between them. One would be unable to act as the cause for the other.

The chicken cannot appear without an egg. The egg cannot exist without the chicken. They cannot exist independently.

Answer: emptiness. Dependently arising mere appearances.

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Anonymous said...

Or a miracle..

Larry Keiler said...

Yes, to me the miracle is that this all arises (dependently, nothing really solid) and still makes some sort of sense!

Buddhists don't believe in a creator god. A creator god has the advantage of positing an intelligent designer (with a bizarre sense of humour, I guess)(please, let's not get into this Intelligent Design thing.... Buddhists have nothing but the facts, ma'am. I've actually heard the Dalai Lama say, there's no particular reason for existence, for phenomena, for the world. But it's still there. He makes a distinction between a "reason" for existence and a "cause."

Larry Keiler said...

BTW, what's the meaning of all this blogification at 3am?

Or should I say, what's the reason?

Or should I say, what's the cause?

Anonymous said...

Middle ear infection. Very painful. Started last Friday. I'm now on antibiotics, but they're bloody well taking their time - woke up in pain last night. Took a painkiller, and wide awake, thought what could amuse me in the wee hours of the morning? Larry of course! So thank you!

Anonymous said...

Since it is proven that at a speed faster than light, a laserbeam sent through a chamber exits before it enters, the chicken and the egg problem hardly blows my mind. Logic is a poor explainer.

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