Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Light Sprinkling of Heavy Moralizing

Below, a small selection of images on t-shirts available from I include commentary because, frankly, I can't resist. Stuff like this abounds on the Net, along with just about every idea you could conceive. These examples are, let's say, some of the more subdued...Many are anti-abortion or pro-life, often with photos of babies, the cutest you can imagine.

This one I like. It's clever.

I think we all believe in magic now and then. Some more so than others. The refusal to consider empirical evidence strikes me as rather disgraceful.

Or are we already there?

This one dramatizes, for me anyway, the perennial dilemma of the Christian (or Buddhist for that matter) soldier. The GI's main job is to kill. What would Jesus do? (Just as an aside, the red, white and blue banner is actually the flag of the Netherlands! Wonder what that means.) There is no apparent sense of irony that this GI4Jesus image appears on the same page as this:Finally, a juxtaposition:

This last you won't find at because it's not eyes of flame but eyes of compassion. The compassion that knows no favourites. The compassion that knows no bounds.
(That's my light sprinkling of heavy moralizing.)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, those t-shirts were great...

So the GIJesus one was serious? I mean, put out by Christians?

I read it as sarcasm, or perhaps dark humour. One, how the US (or Netherlands - lol) and the military machine view "God/Jesus" as being on their side. And the irony that war could be viewed as a religious act...

Larry Keiler said...

Oh yes, the GI4Jesus is serious. I've been seeing (although not paying a lot of attention to) articles about how evangelical organizations are pushing very hard within the military, with the blessing of the commanders.

This seems to be part of the continuum that runs from the Crusades through to "Onward Christian Soldiers"...

Of course, on another front, we could well look to Mujaheddin4Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

I saw this very frightening DVD at BlockBuster a few nights ago - on Jesus Camp.... (for kids). Sounded pretty militant, if I remember right...

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