Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Adventures in Modern Recording

I did some recording for a children's songwriter tonight. Four songs. Another two to go. Maybe three. An exercise in leaving one's ego at the door.

One of the songs was a ballad. I used a rich, mellow sound for the tune. Practising it the last couple of days, I had worked out a short phrase that repeated throughout the song. The rest was a bit of an improvisation. I was quite pleased with the effect. Pleased with myself. Of the four songs, this was the one I liked the most, as I had worked it out in my head.

The boss wasn't quite as impressed. After the first take, he came over to me and asked for something different. Nothing to do but give him what he wanted and let go of the little phrase that had pleased me so much. That take is still there, but I doubt that he'll use much of it.

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