Friday, September 14, 2007

A Pome by Malcolm Lowry

As yet, I've been unable to finish Under the Volcano. I know it's supposed to be a masterpiece. I know it's what made Lowry. But it sat for years on my shelf before I even started it. Then it sat for years more with a bookmark about a third of the way through. At the moment, I'm not even sure where my copy of it is.

On the other hand, I've lately read a couple of his pomes which are somehow more accessible. Witty. Not so dreary. (And it seems that dreary is how I characterize Under the Volcano. But maybe I should give it another chance.)

Anyway, here's a pome by Lowry, and I'm sure anyone who has had some of their work published can relate to this:

Strange Type

I wrote: in the dark cavern of our birth.

The printer had it tavern, which seems better:

But herein lies the subject of our mirth,

Since on the next page death appears as dearth.

So it may be that God's word was distraction,

Which to our strange type appears destruction.

Which is bitter.

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Anonymous said...

while I think it is a beautiful poem.. I don't get it..

I think N has a new puter today...Yay!

Anonymous said...

One can take the view that psychology is all a bunch of crap… and they would be right

Another view is that psychology makes the attempt to create a language and define the thought and feeling process. In turn it attempts to understand intent and motivations…

Both views are valid...

I tend toward the second… Why? Because I find it more interesting than the first...

I could say the exact same thing for religion...

Why my interest in Buddhism… Again, because life for me is more interesting when I view it through that window...

If alive and human we will experience suffering. Buddhism explores the nature of suffering and offers a perspective beyond "oh is me", "why me" and goes beyond blame. For me Buddhism offers me a process to conserve energy.

It too explores what is the nature of thinking, motivation and intent.

What are selfish thoughts and what are selfless thoughts?

If I feel bad often my thinking is selfish. When I feel good often my thinking is selfless.

So my dabbling as a complete and utter amateur in psychology and Buddhism life to me is far more interesting. Larry was talking to me about doors. Psychology and Buddhism are just doors for me and offers me different views about the nature of life.

And if its crap... well its crap that delights me.


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