Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Song of the Day

As if I'm trying to prove my point. This was on my stereo yesterday and I woke up with the opening riff in my head. But this morning it actually took several minutes to "hear" it. Too sleepy maybe. Or else it's just that I'm so used to the musical noise that it becomes part of the background...?

ImageChef.com - Create custom images

(No lyrics...it's an instrumental.)


S. Camille said...

I read your last post that explained a fair bit about the song of the day... but how do you 'listen' to the song of the day? When I click on the tape, it takes me to the imagechef. Is that supposed to happen? Or maybe I just need to go have another coffee, lol.
Yours truly anyway,

Larry Keiler said...

Yes, it would be nice if you could actually listen to the song. I haven't discovered a way to embed the song. Don't know enough about code. But I presume there is a way.

On the other hand, sometimes there are not actually recorded versions of the song of the day. If it's something I've been working on of my own, there wouldn't be a recorded version, necessarily, or at least one that was presentable.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to upload music on Blogger, let me know.

Camille, I only have one coffee a day. All day.

S. Camille said...

Overly delayed reply:

Hi Larry,

Thank you for some clarification.
As far as embedding music, I've seen other people do it... but I have yet do discover the way myself. I think there might be a variety of ways actually. I'm sure though, that using some sort of music player is involved. I'll let you know when I figure it out, if you haven't found out already by that time. Perhaps you could let me know if you find a way?


Larry Keiler said...

See my post "Another Bloody Widget" which is about an embedded music player. So far I think it's a nice addition, but it's limited to the choices that the service provides. You have to create a playlist. Not exactly what I'm looking for if I want to simply post the song of the day.

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