Monday, May 28, 2007

Link Love Logo Identified

OK, the mystery she has been solved. Thanks so much to MarkK who left a comment on my earlier post. He didn't have his lawyers send me a "cease and desist" letter, so I guess it's OK to use the pitcher, eh?

I promised link love for the originator of the pitcher, so here goes. MarkK manages 3 blogs. I must admit that I didn't read them in depth. Geez, I barely have time to read my own in depth! But I checked em all out. Each one has items of interest for eclectic readers. The LinkLove graphic appeared in The Next Post, which is a blog about blogging, and other things that interest Mark. Common Sense With Mark K focuses more intently on blogging and internet thingies. And finally WiredHound Blog is a more of a mix of topics, video, travel, what he calls buzz and trends.

Now you all go and look at MarkK's blogs and spread that link love.

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MK said...

Thanks for the mention and links. The pitcher is for anyone who believe in promoting link love. Regards.

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