Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've Just Joined My Own Community!

One thing you can say about doesn't discriminate. You can join any old community you like, even your own. Here's the message that was in my Inbox this morning. (Fortunately it wasn't out of my inbox or I never would have found it. Or in my Outbox...if it had been in my Outbox that would have meant I'd already read it...which I hadn't. And then I'd start worrying that somebody was reading my mail and you never can be too careful these days. Especially here in the Yoni School where everybody is so damn nosy and in fact it's part of the job description to make clandestine attempts to read everybody else's mail even when it's marked Top Secret and encrypted and passworded and has a skull & crossbones on it where the skull figure is sticking his tongue out at you just daring you to try and slip one past him and somebody usually does because we're nothing if not devious here at the Yoni School where Wayward Poets pass the time dreaming up new flights of imagination as if the mail were only an excuse to create po-tree...)

Umm...the email from MyBlogLog:
Hi LarryKeiler!
Part of what makes MyBlogLog so special is our ability to automatically add you
to communities in which you have shown a repeated interest. We have just added
you to the following communities:

1) Mental Blog

Bonus -- The "Hot in My Communities" box on your My Home page will keep getting
better and better with each community you join.

Note: If you decide one or more of these communities is not for you, simply
visit that community's page on MyBlogLog and click the "Leave Community" button.

Rock on,
See, when you join MyBlogLog your member's settings allows you to set how many visits you make to a particular site before you automatically become a member of that community. Mine are set at the default...10. So this email means that I've visited Mental Blog at least 10 times from my MyBlogLog home page.

Why would I do this? I don't know. Maybe I haven't been doing it! Maybe it's whoever has been reading my mail! Maybe it's Nurse Ratchet...looking for ways to extend my stay at the Yoni School. She really has it in for me! Maybe it's Suzy Homemaker! Or LaLaLeo! OMG maybe it's CosmiCat! She's always trying to get into my room...even when I'm there!

I can't help thinking of Groucho Marx, who said he wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have him as a member...
I've looked. Groucho Marx is not currently a member of the Mental Blog community. Karl isn't either. What does that mean? Should I resign from my own community? I mean, I know Karl said "Bloggers of the World Unite!" but I don't think he meant unite with yourself! Doesn't it look sort of stupid when you go to the "View All My Communities" page on MyBlogLog and you see there that Mental Blog is a member of the Mental Blog community? In fact, it's sitting there right up in first place! How vain ist das?

Did I just slip into German? Oh man, I'm really losing it...I'm not supposed to let anyone know I have a slight familiarity with German...Affecting an accent is OK, but if they think you actually know the language, then they start jabbering at you and you have to stand there slack-jawed and perplexed until they're done and then finally admit that you haven't got the slightest idea what they were just saying and could they please repeat that in Mandarin or Sanskrit and when they do you have to repeat the whole charade again because you don't understand Mandarin or Sanskrit either...

Well, I'm just so worried now. The email says RockOn at the end. What do they mean by that? Do they think I'm old or something? Like "old rockin' chair's got me..."? Do they think I'm a geologist? Oh God, I hope not. Anything but a geologist! I'll even let them call me Officially Wayward as long as they don't make me be a geologist.

Please! Tell me what to do! Is there anyone else out there who has inadvertently joined their own community? Probably not. I'm probably the only one who's ever done this. That would be typical. Typical Larry Keiler. Can't even join a group without joining himself. Well, at least there's somebody he knows in the community.

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Unknown said...

Still laughing!!!

This post was so funny and cute

Rock on ;)

awannabe said...

Me too!! I thought it was odd. I too mentioned it in my blog. If we join our own communities does that make us conceited? Lol

Larry Keiler said...

I guess if you repeatedly go to your own blog from MyBlogLog it looks like your getting more outside traffic...

Makes me think of that "phrase"..."I'm not a brat, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!"

Help! I've written and I can't get up!