Monday, July 11, 2005

Sidebar Links

All right, just so there's no confusion....(Ha! when has there ever not been confusion?)....the link that says "World's Worst Buddhist" is a real link. It belongs to my good friend Sen. Macon Sirius Bacon, a venerable Dixiecrat of good patrician lineage who simply can't keep the y'all out of his drawl.... go there, you'll find out.

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Anonymous said...

Thank ya kindly Lunchbucket Larry. A Dixiecrat (with attitude) pretty well sums me up. I may be slow posting the next couple of weeks. I have to neglect my duties as the World's Worst Buddhist the next little while. But I will be back posting on a regular basis in August. But the next two weeks I may just have to repost your site on mine.

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