Monday, July 18, 2005

The Wizard of Oz as Buddha

If I only had a brain.
If I only had a heart.
If I only had the noive.
(What makes a muskrat guard his musk?

Popeye's I is in his yams.
And popping out of spinach cans.
DoveTaler's I's in her eye.
And I saw a licence plate today that said

Scarecrow is wisdom
Tin Man compassion
Cowardly Lion...joyful perseverance?
All bodhisattvas.
Glinda a dakini...powerful female with a hint of mischief
Wicked witch a wrathful deity
Dorothy? Spiritual seeker...
Wizard of Oz...master of illusion...
demonstrator of emptiness...the magician not
fooled by his own magic


Anonymous said...

Scare Crow would have made a good diving coach. A diving coach deals with fractions of seconds. They empty their brain of thought. When thoughts are empty there is increased awarness. A child is doing a two and a half somersault in the tuck position. They are rotating so fast that a person who is thinking only sees a blurr. The coach sees with awarness and yells "HUPP". The auditory cue tells the child to kick out and they enter the water smoothly.

The coach has no time to THINK about yelling "HUPP". By the time they thought about yelling "HUPP" the child would have landed on their back in the water. They would surface in tears.

So Scarecrow's wisdom comes from awarness. His awarness comes from an empty brain.

Once the child is in the water the coach can think once more.

Larry Keiler said...

You're talking about being in the zone. A place where thought is unnecessary. Intuition and technique take over.

In the 50th anniversary edition of the Wizard of Oz, there are a bunch of out-takes. One of them is a long dance by the Scarecrow...part of If I Only Had a Brain, I think. (I've only seen it once.) But the dance is amazing. Ray Bolger was in the zone, climbing the fences along the yellow brick road, bouncing from one side to the other.

But I guess the producers thought otherwise. Too long. They gave the long dance to Tin Man. His reward for wearing all that icky makeup.

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