Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Letter to the Editor

Here's the unedited version of a netter to the leditor published today in the Lunchbucket Liar, the local newspaper:

Dear Editor:

Here's a suggestion for cutting back on our consumption of electricity
to avoid the possibility of selective blackouts.

Currently, all electricity providers have the capability of cutting
power to individual homes of those who fail to pay their bills. My
list of people who have not paid their bills, metaphorically speaking,
1. the boards of directors and senior management of Hydro
One and OPG;
2. the government and members of the Ontario legislature;
3. the IESO (or whatever the heck it's called these days).

They have failed to pay their bills to the citizens of this province through mismanagement, poor service and political incompetence. They have lacked the foresight to provide this province with a rational conservation policy, alternative energy policy, or plan for the production necessary to meet entirely foreseeable increases in demand.

So, why don't we just cut the electricity to all their homes? Perhaps that will wake them up to their true responsibilities, other than simply trying to convince ordinary people they are hydro hogs.


Anonymous said...

Everything had to be big the last 70 years. Hoover Dam BIG! Big and bureaucratic. Every home is capable of generating twice the electricity than it uses. The technology existed but the vision didn't.

Larry Keiler said...

Yeah, but man, I remember my old man's '67 Chrysler. BIG! It was like driving an ocean liner...heaven!

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