Friday, September 19, 2008

Hawgtown Introduces "Cops In Schools" Program

Having cops in the halls to provide security for students is one thing, but this is a little overboard, don't you think?

(Of course, this isn't Hawgtown, and the police aren't actually in the same room. They just have their small detachment in the same building. Still, it makes a great photo doesn't it?)

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Anonymous said...

In the States in the Texas school district, teachers are allowed to carry guns. The students know. A seven year old girl asked her mother if she would be shot at if she didn't behave. I can even better see police presence in schools. Like a school nurse. But guns in the class room? What do students learn from that. That it is OK to carry weapons? The teacher as a roll model.

Larry Keiler said...

After the Virginia Tech shooting, a lot of people spoke in favour of everyone being allowed to carry guns into class. Why? If you were a potential shooter, you might think twice about walking into a hall where everybody would be able to shoot back. And also, if everyone (or even one person) had a gun, the shooter would be shot himself before he could really do a lot of damage. That's the argument, anyway....

I don't know enough to have a real opinion, but I don't think I'm particularly opposed to having a cop in the school...someone who's available to talk to, or work through things, or just put a stop to trouble when it arises. The only thing that worries me is how it seems like schools are slowly coming to resemble prisons.

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