Thursday, September 04, 2008

And They Call It Democracy

Update Sept. 9/08:
Go here if you are interested in signing and sending a petition to the powers that be protesting against the unwarranted arrests of journalists during the Republican National Convention.

Fun and Games at the Republican National Convention

(Violent flower protester pepper-sprayed...twice...once in the face, once in the back...)

This is just one small example of the police/authoritarian lunacy that's been going on in Minneapolis. Meanwhile, the members of the Fifth Estate are doing one of two things: either sleeping at the wheel or being arrested. Check out here and here.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a common denominator?

At the root Christianity and Democracy are sound concepts.

Christianity is rooted in love. Fairness for all. Forgive. Share. Love even your enemy. The Earthe's elements are divided among us, if right, equally. We share the amount of water present on our planet. In our blood, in creatures, in plants, in rocks even, in rains, oceans, storms, etc.

I think it is an older concept than Christ. But he is the first one in our memory who came to promote it?

Who promoted democracy? I know Karl Marx promoted socialism. Close, but not quite the same. Did Socrates promote democracy? Is there an earlier source known to us?

Christ died on the cross. Socrates drank the cup of poison.

When you contemplate it, democracy is also rooted in Love. Love and respect for each other. Sharing equally; the fortunes as well as the misfortunes.

Maybe the advantage of being human could be that we can oversee where nature is inbalanced and bring on corrections to the good of everyone. This part of the world has plenty, other part's crops failed, share however possible?

But human nature doesn't work out that way. Everything is based on short term visions. Everything is based on greed. People judge each other not on what they have in common, but on differences, and are intolerant of "other".

It's easy to blame the leaders. It's easy to blame the visible culprits. It's easy to form gangs to get rid of what threatens your personal/country's state of being.

The well known story about Christ is where the gangs were about to stone a woman of sins to death. He dared the first man without sins to throw the first stone. The woman was left without a scratch.

How did we get to place such value on oil, gold, diamonds, etc.?
all material gain. All impoverishing the spirit. Not just man's spirit, the spirit of all life.

Democracy is just a word. A word in a language spoken. Languages and words express concepts. Express ideas. It's the concepts and ideas that matter. Not the words. The word "Democracy" means nothing if the concept behind the word is not respected. If the meaning of the word gets twisted.

In the name of Christ, in the name of democracy, terrible crimes have been committed. Terrible wrongs are being done everywhere.

Remember the poem, "A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing?"

Too many people are incapble to see the whole picture. The powers in charge aim for keeping that ignorance alive. For personal gain. For power.

Sharing conversations like this may make us more aware of our personal conducts. There is value in that.

Help! I've written and I can't get up!