Monday, August 13, 2007

Cheney Says No to Invading Iraq

This video comes courtesy of grandtheftcountry. In this, our lovely Internet age, we wonders, yes we does, whether people/politicians/public figures are suffering from some sort of deficiency (as a learned friend of mine is wont to say.) Surely they must know that their words and actions are recorded and observed and then splashed all over electronic cyberspace. (Surely I know that my words and actions here achieve some sort of immortality, ethereal as it is...)

What changed Cheney's mind between 94 and 02? Did he, perhaps, have a lobotomy we don't know about? All I know is, the word "quagmire" was on every thinking person's lips long before George W sang "Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to war we go!" with Mr. Charm Cheney prodding and poor foolish politically inept Colin Powell enabling.

Mr. Cheney, take your gingko pills faithfully. It might keep you out of the quagmire some day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Larry, I'm not commenting on your blog posting, but rather to say I hope you got the press release I sent you about Twice in a Blue Moon. I figured HWSRN might not share the info with you, so sent you your own copy.... (it amused ME to do that anyway).

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