Saturday, August 04, 2007

Victoria Park at Sundown

unkempt, bedraggled after winter's long tectonic rumble,
the grass greening through muddy footpaths,
here, there, a quick outbreak of exuberant crocuses
shocking in their colour to snow-dimmed eyes

pines, maples, weeping willows spruce up,
unbending toward the warming sun

setting now, an orange with fiery zest,
a target for the takeoff of two geese
suddenly raucous as they heave themselves from the water

a pair of drakes mutter about the state of the lake,
swans stately on the shore

away from the street, the sibilance of cars almost soothes,
soft counterpoint to the mingled calls of sparrows,
chickadees, jays and cardinals, a mourning dove lowing,
all in last-minute flurries
skittering up, down, catching handy branches,
a bite to eat before bed

the air is a breath of moisture,
redolent with earlier rain, green and substantial

lovers walk the paths, low voices laughing,
even the dogs are peaceful


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