Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 Cents Left: The Altitude Song

Here's another preview of the soon-to-be-released 2 Cents Left. I think maybe the beginning's been cut off of this, but you'll get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, that was fun -

I love ya - Larry with a G!

bobby bacon said...

cool!!! people still say cool?

Can u tells us more about 2cents left..who are they ..who wrote the song etc etc etc.

I see there is another preview july 4..

Larry Keiler said...

2 Cents Left...

The nucleus of the group are two of the original members of Copper Penny, a band from Lunchbucket in the 70s that did quite well in Canada. You can still hear their biggest hit, Sittin' on a Poor Man's Throne, quite often on the oldies stations. But that hit came after these two had left the band.

So they called this offshoot, 30 years later, 2 Cents Left (2 Cents Left of the original Copper Penny). In fact, there are quite a few cents still around, but not the original members. There is a third original member, but he wasn't interested in the project.

This song was written by Voin & Paulie, and the poem at the end by me. The project as a whole consists of numerous Lunchbucket musicians who contributed their voices and their playing. Most of them are long-time friends of Voin & Paulie.

The album is called This One's For Kenny. Kenny Hollis was the lead singer of the Copper Penny, who died several years ago.

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