Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Tending Memory" Book Launch

The Dove Tale Writers collective has another fledgling just out of the nest. Marianne's book launch took place on the 21st at her daughter's dance studio. Well attended by lots of friends and well-wishers. Here are a few photos of the evening's events.

Marianne read passages from Tending Memory and thanked everyone. HWSRN took his accordeen for a walk, and Samantha danced a gypsy dance.

The song is Brahms' Hungarian Dance #4 played by HWSRN on accordeen and Voin on guitar. (When I uploaded it to DivShare and tried to play it back it was very slow loading. I don't know if it will be slow here...until I publish the post...but if it is, please be patient.) All the photos were taken by Leslie Bamford, except the one she's in which was taken by her husband, Bob.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Larry, (and if he's reading, HWSRN too), thanks for posting the pics. They look great - ESPECIALLY the accordion guy. I still have to listen to the music. Will do next. I've sent your website URL along to the publisher of Tending Memory, so he can have a peek too....

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