Friday, June 01, 2007

A Hole in Mars

The Hole in Mars

Credit: NASA, JPL, U. Arizona

There's a hole in Mars the size of your eye
A hole in Mars and we don't know why
A big black hole where the rules don't apply
There's a hole in Mars at the bottom of the sky

There's a hole in Mars where the sun don't shine
A hole in Mars that looks anything but fine
A deep black hole like a drilled out mine
There's a hole in Mars and could be a sign

There's a hole in Mars that's a hiding place
A hole in Mars for the Martian race
A long black hole out in outer space
There's a hole in Mars we're afraid to face

There's a hole in Mars that goes down to the core
A hole in Mars with its silent roar
A wide black hole that has no floor
And not just one hole in Mars but many more

(It's only doggerel but it insists on barking.)

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S. Camille said...

Ha ha ha... very good. I enjoyed.

I've also tagged you for 'Thirteen Childhood Facts' meme that originally came from John Gillespie.


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