Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jet Blue Emergency

Anybody happen to catch that emergency landing by the Jet Blue plane out of California? I don’t normally watch CNN but I happened to be over at Voin and Paulie’s the other night doing some recording on Voin’s album when this happened. (Do you still call them albums? CDs. Voin’s CD.)

Voin had CNN on while we were recording. Here’s this jet. Been flying around for a couple of hours. On takeoff, I think, its front landing gear had jammed. The wheels were twisted sideways, the gear couldn’t retract. It was going to have to land like that.

Well, we watched this plane land at LAX. A picture perfect landing. Pilot kept the nose up until the last possible second. Then it touched down. I was convinced the wheels would collapse, but they didn’t. They stayed solid. Started smoking, then burst into flames as they skidded down the runway.

But the amazing thing was this pilot. He kept that jet straight as an arrow down the centre of the runway. The front wheels, twisted and flaming as they were, never veered from the white line.

I don’t know what it was like on the jet, but on TV it seemed as if the plane came to a nice gentle stop. Everyone breathed.

Now, that’s the pilot I want the next time I fly.


Anonymous said...

Larry and the humbigumbers went to the party of the new moon's face. Where all them humbies, or some of them were boinks?

Now, that is a topic that would require mental sanity, of wich I have not had a pinch in the last decade or so.

Who knows if TaiChi in the park will ever again gather us under the Ontarian sun? Not now, since the air is cooling down, as the geese learn to make long distance V's.

Oh, well take care!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Larry. No comment, other than that... wanted to say hello, and tell you I'm still reading... silent reading, perhaps, but reading nonetheless.

Help! I've written and I can't get up!