Monday, September 05, 2005

Yoni School for Wayward Poets #2

Oh look! There's Suzy Homemaker with her fabulous EasyBake oven.

"Whatcha doin' Suzy?'

"I'm baking bread. See...flour yeast water hotter close the lid go round and round rise the dough you know tiptoe through tulips timer watch don't watch the watched pot never boils but bread bakes automat ickly prickly heat in the summer chillblains in winter gotta go the dough is rising the roe is dying."

"Umm, OK."

"Yes, I'm baking bread breaking beds pillow feathers in the air sneezy dopey wheezy grumpy lumpy knead the dough need dough though I can't remember why oy vy oh yes knead the dough and lumpy mattresses better get a water bed hotter bed for baking bread."

"What kind of bread you baking?"

"Don't know can't say won't go, I'm experimenting with flowers wry and spelt I miss spelt butterfly plants flutter by and hostas held hostage by crickets down in the hallway halfway to the rising sun the rising dough do you think I should put in some sunflower seeds?"

"Whatever you kneed, Suzy..."

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