Friday, September 30, 2005

Dave FM Update

Well, you see what happens when you shoot off your mouth prematurely. You end up having to backtrack.

Lucia called today, enthusing enthusiastically about the job I performed for Dave FM. About how everyone was so impressed. What a great job I did. Gave them so much, Carlos the DJ who’s running the contest was (is) able to play teasers beforehand to get people prepared, will be able to play just a few notes, then give more notes, and more until the notebook is filled.

And Lucia asked if there was anything they could do for me! Like a few bucks? She actually did ask that.

(At this point I’m thinking: she must have read my bitchin on the Mental Blog. But it couldn’t have been that. She doesn’t have the address yet. She sent me an email, but I haven’t sent her one yet.)

So….now I’m somewhat mollified. (Did I say mortified?) I informed Lucia there was in fact something she could do for me. And I told her about Voin’s CD, which I hope will be ready in a couple of months. I asked her to consider playing some of it on the air. Of course, Lucia’s not the one who decides that because she’s in promotions, but she promised to pass it on to the music/program director, and I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have her putting in a good word. I gave her a little history of it and told her about Voin and how the album came about and also that the music would be appropriate for Dave FM. And that’s no lie. There are a bunch of tunes that fit perfectly into Dave’s format. So with any luck, Voin’ll get his stuff played on at least one mainstream radio station.

I also tactfully pointed out the dilemma she had put me in. I can’t believe I was tactful. Tact is not my strongest point. Especially when I’ve been steaming for a couple days. But there I was. Mr. Tact. President of the Canadian Tactile Association. And Lucia did get it. Made her even more grateful, I think.

After all that, Lucia said if there was anything I wanted personally, just to let her know. I couldn’t really think of anything. I’m happy if Voin gets a shot.

And by the way, the name of the band will be 2 Cents Left.

Mr. Bacon, does this qualify as an über-posting?

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Uber postings..well, Lets see I have to count the words..back in a sec...sorry 408 words..Keep trying

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