Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lunchbucket Letdown at Dave FM

So, today I did this thing for Dave FM 107.5. Lucia, the promotions director called and asked if I could play portions of rock songs from the 80’s on my accordion for this little “guess the song being played on the accordion” contest they were running. I said, sure I could do that…when? Like, in two days? (This conversation took place on Monday.)

OK, so I wracked my brain…no I racked my brain, stretched it tortured it exorcised it interrogated it inquisitioned it until it blurted out several snippets of accordionized guitar riff. And today I went to the studio in Lunchbucket and blatted it out into digital recording heaven. Stairway to Heaven (OK, I know it’s not 80’s but it is classic…) Mony Mony Home For a Rest Don’t You Want Me Baby Shout Layla Rock Lobster Sweet Home Alabama…and more.

This is all very nice. Of course, I didn’t get paid to do this. I don’t know whether you know this, but radio stations are cheap. Let’s be charitable: they run on skinny budgets. Except CFRB. In any case, not paid. But that’s OK. Always happy to do a good turn and have a little fun.

Except here’s the kicker. The contest they’ll be running over the next few days (until Oktoberfest I guess) is to give away tickets to a Sam Roberts concert being held at Queensmount, where our old buddy Walter Ostanek plays!

So, dear Lucia had the nerve to ask me to do something for free to promote an event which competes with the venue my own band plays at!

Nice, eh?

(PS. Arlene! Are you there, Arlene?! Can you hear the accordion demons pounding the keys to the gates of hell?)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, they probably asked Walter first, and he cost too much...

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